Company Philosophy

■ Quality as our Philosophy

At Cultemo, we have continued to face the issue of “True Quality”.
As well as engaging in standard translation work, Cultemo has taken on the challenge of new business areas and ways of thinking, such as “Translation Review”, “Quality Consulting”, “Support for Self-Publishing”, and other areas.

What is the real quality that our customers seek?

”It is not the case that Cultemo is aiming for high quality.”
When we speak like this, many of our clients are surprised.
Then, some people listen to what we say with great interest. But hidden within these words that seem to contradict what we are as a company is our policy about quality.

Breaking from Fixed Ideas and Self Satisfaction

Many content creators aim towards “High Quality” based on their own quality standards which may not be the same as the standards demanded by customers.
We have no particular intent to refute this. However, there is something particularly important that comes when engaging with such business areas as Translation, Design and Publication Support.
That is, “the content creators’ idea of quality may not necessarily be quality that will be assessed as such by all people”.

We Provide the Quality that Customers Demand

When thinking about quality, there are some aspects that can be digitized, and others that cannot.
When there is a problem with regard to quality, in many cases this is due to those elements that cannot be quantified.
At Cultemo, it is precisely those factors that cannot be quantified that we take and try to express logically so as to realize the wishes of our customers.

■ Message from the Company President

Culture & Emotion: Presenting Culture and Emotion to the World

The company name “Cultemo” is a word made by putting together the two words Culture and Emotion.

When the company was founded in 2003 it was named based on our sentiment that “Our job is to make culture.
Then, through our activities, we want to provide emotions that move people’s hearts.”
Over the past 17 years, as we have developed, the field of translation has become our main business.
However, what has accumulated through past challenges in fields such as “Translation Review”, “Quality Consulting”, “Support for Self-Publishing”, has now become the source of Cultemo’s current unique and characteristic know-how and knowledge.

Cultemo’s Logo was designed based on two wishes: that Cultemo’s way of thinking may spread little by little, and that we can deal flexibly with the varied and differing requests of our customers.
And we feel that the ring of those who approve of Cultemo’s way of thinking is widening gradually.

Cultemo has assembled human resources of the highest level, starting from our company employees.
People who have both high levels of skill and human qualities are Cultemo’s treasure.
Working together with these talented individuals, Cultemo, will develop each day so that it may be a “Good Company”,
a “Strong Company” and an “Interesting Company”.

Cultemo Corporation

Cultemo Corporation

6-6-12 Higashikasai
Edogawa-ku, Tokyo,
Japan, 134-0084
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