Language Communication

■ Business Translation

“Speed and Response Capability” This is a translation service for items that come up during daily work activities such as press releases, web documents, event materials, technical materials, catalogs, planning documents, training materials, contracts, etc.
We accept requests regarding volume, delivery date and quality. At the quickest, delivery on the same day is also possible.
We will also handle the process that comes after translation- i.e. design, DTP, printing- so the materials will be ready to be used immediately.
In addition to 11 in-house translators, we have an abundance of registered translators- numbering over 200 people, and we know in detail the fields the translators can work in, their skills, and their tendencies regarding quality.

In business, translation speed is important. At the quickest, delivery on the same day is also possible.
Furthermore, we will suggest all measures in order to achieve your desired delivery date.

Knowledge and Risk Management
We manage knowledge such as that of technical terms and style by assigning a dedicated member of staff to each client.
We also manage the risk of project continuation by sharing information with those involved.

Through partnerships with a number of companies in Europe and Asia, we have nearly world-wide coverage in the languages we are able to work with.
Bilingual coordinators allow us to respond to any contact from overseas.

■ Translation/Localization

“The sense of distance between the coordinator, translator, and lead linguist is key to reaching targets” From the translation of documents such as product manuals, and help information, the translation of user interfaces and testing, we work on these using a project system.
We can handle a wide range of fields including IT, communication equipment, precision instruments, machinery-related fields, building materials and information services.
We are able to handle all translation memory tools and all engineering businesses.

Working as a Team:
Since the coordinator, the lead linguist and the translator work as a team, know-how and knowledge is built up, and quality and efficiency can be realized together.
Since this team structure contains a back-up feature, the continuation of a project is maintained.

Starting with Trados, we are able to work with over 20 types of Translation Memory Tools.
We can also work with files such as MS-Office, Indesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, and Photoshop, and XML and other Web tools.

Machine Translation and Post-Editing (MT Localization):
At Cultemo, our standard service is “Translation by humans”, however in order for us to respond to customers’ wishes, we have engaged for many years in “machine translation and post-editing”.
We face the issue of many customers asking for “the same level of quality as a human translation”, and we have built up many achievements and much know-how.

■ Interpretation

In addition to providing a service using interpretation resources, Cultemo cooperates with interpretation vendors that each have particular strengths in specific fields.
This allows us to respond to the diverse requests of our customers.

□ Simultaneous Interpretation/Whispering
As interpretation is made while the speaker is speaking, compared to consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation takes less time.
Examples of where simultaneous interpretation/whispering are used: In matters related to politics and diplomacy, international meetings, meetings between companies, shareholders meetings, seminars, etc.
Skill level of the interpreter: Special A Class or A Class

□ Consecutive Interpretation
Translation is carried out during breaks in speech. Compared to simultaneous translation, more time is required.
Examples of where consecutive interpretation is used: Meetings between companies, day-to-day business, press releases, etc.
Skill level of the interpreter: A Class or B Class

□ Guide/Attending to Someone
Interpreters with interpreting skills, human skills and other required knowledge will be assigned.
Examples of where this method is used: Tourism, escort, ordinary interpretation, etc.
Skill level of the interpreter: B Class, Standard Class

□ Light Whispering
Ideal for the times where English support is needed during everyday business.
Examples of where this method is used: Tourism, escort, ordinary interpretation, etc.
Skill level of the interpreter: Standard Class, Junior Staff

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