Company Profile

Company name Cultemo Corporation
History 06/2002: Individual establishment
01/2003: Cultemo Planning establishment Ltd.
02/2006: reorganization company name change
The capital 10,000,000 Yen
Director President: Kunio Naito
Staff 11 people
Closing of accounts December
Sales amount approx. 200,000,000 Yen
Correspondent bank Chiba Bank (Shin-Yachiyo branch Office)
Branch Name: KASAI BRANCH ( 823 )
Head Office 3F Kinoshita Bldg., 6-6-12 Higashikasai Edogawa-ku,TOKYO JAPAN 134-0084
Tel: +81-3-5675-0160 Fax: +81-3-5675-0161

■ Our Business Enterprise


・Content Production/Printing

・Worker Dispatching/Recruiting Service (National Certification approved)

Cultemo will focus on “quality control”
It is our “best proposal” for our clients

■ Our Characteristics
1. Pursuing thorough customer service (120% customer satisfaction)
2. Logical cost reduction and shortening of delivery date based on ability of quality evaluation and control
3. Determination to take on challenges to go “next level” at all times

We focus on the “quality control,” however our focus is not aimed at “high quality”.
For an example, we participated in one project as an outsourcer of the client review, and helped our client to actualize the quantitative evaluation and risk management of translation quality by quantifying it. In another project, we created writing quality evaluation rule and established multiple evaluation methods, which are consisted by reasonable categorization and evaluation from both users and writers’ perspectives.
From these projects, we established process design and resource assignment methods based on clear understanding of quality demand, which tends to be ambiguous.
Cultemo will use this quality control ability and propose logical cost reduction and shortening of delivery date.

■ Our Service
Localization: We will perform translation and software testing in project organization
Business Translation: We will quickly respond to translations that prioritize the speed above all
Consulting Service: We will respond to our clients’ request with our ability
Content Production: We will provide total service from planning, designing, and printing
Project Integration: We will manage variety of process and products integrally

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Tel: +81-3-5675-0160


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